The Lion who Fell in Love with the Moon

There once was a lion

Who scarcely slept

But dreamt, every night, of the moon


He pictured her where

No other lion could

In a bed, drifting by, through the gloom


Through the heavy drapes came

Of that four poster bed

A sparkling sliver of her beam


And the lion did wish

He could swim to that bed

So each night, as he woke, he did scheme


Then one morn

On a day for being brave

The lion set paw to the sea


He crept, slow at first

Then in head, feet and tail

(All at once, or not at all, was the key)


His fur swept the water

His nose smelt the salt

As he swam for that four poster bed


And he pictured her there

The moon, wrapped in sheets

Happy he had not fled


She lay unbeknown

In her floating bed kingdom

As the lion swam and swam, to the edge


And before he appeared

On the drapes, wiped her tears

When a whiskered snout came through and whispered a pledge


“I’ll join you on your floating sea bed

Or you can come landwards with me

But when we’re together

No ordinary force can weather

What we’d have, if you and me become ‘we’”


The moon did gasp

To hear such things

And pondered on what lay ahead


“If me and you become two,

It might be quite a sight

For a lion and a moon to be seen


We’re different certainly,

But I think I believe

With you I might not mind making a scene”


So the lion and the moon made a pact

They’d give things a go, that was that


Some days they roamed on the great wide Savannah

Others they slept, on the sea


Who knows where they’ll journey to

Or really, where they’ve been


Matters not

Not a jot

To the lion, and his precious moonbeam.


Button Poetry Competition Entry

Click the here to be taken to my entry for this year’s Button Poetry Competition.

So..? By Daryl Sharpe


This was one of my first poems written for performance, and remains one of my favourites. It’s for all the people who have experienced somebody else ‘knowing’ their sexuality before they do.

It will also be one of the poems featured at Hammer & Tongue Cambridge 2017-18 Season Slam Final, where I will be performing on September 7th 2018, at The Junction.

Many thanks to Matthew Kilsby and Jethro Steel for the helping put together this video.

Bleach Bubbles

It took her so long to appreciate baths for what they are;

wonderful solitude, time to luxuriate.

Took her so long to appreciate her limbs in the water;

the way they sink and float among the clear.

She doesn’t take bubbles in her baths.


Bleach bubbles.


When mixed with a scalding, racing tap; bleach bubbles.

So she doesn’t take bubbles in her baths.

Prefers to see through to her survivors legs

Her strong squishy belly

Her still living toes

To bruises

It took her so long to appreciate baths as something that heals aches

Not causes them.



Desperate Fleas 2.0

The Party.png

Desperate Fleas is back again for the second time in 2018, and it’s THIS FRIDAY- 3rd August.

This month the theme we’re exploring is ‘addiction’- so bring your performance pieces centred around the things you can’t help but cling to, if you can.

We’ll be squirrelled in the best place for half-artists and romantics- the basement at CB2. Throw your unfinished poems, barely thought through improv comedy, and unabashed narcissism into a bag and sling it over your shoulder.

All donations on the evening very greatly appreciated to see this night continue and bloom into the art collective it can be ❤

See you in three days, Desperate Fleas.

17 Hours

On the day of the Summer Solstice

You told her
“you cast spells, not wishes”

and she didn’t turn away,

didn’t hide
her blush-red face

nor bury her electric feelings.


She did not feel the itch for flight,

had no urge to engage in fight.


Shone the sun for seventeen hours
“you cast spells not wishes”

and she believed.


And it felt like the first time she did.



And so it is,

Like it was before,

Filling the empty gaps

With more empty gaps

And lustless chaps brushed with glistening hand claps


And I search out your beds

Search your teeth tongues and lips

And I scratch down your backs and push down on your hips

Pull the hairs from your heads


Yet nothing is filled

While something is filled


Smoke swirls while unheard tunes twirl

Between jigsaw puzzle limbs, resist the urge to sing

Then need no help resisting

While all your faces kiss me


And so it is

Like I didn’t say it would be

Like I know it should be

In the place in the universe I universally drift


In the grey cloud grey mine field mind

Sitting atop my dead end hair

While I feel the dead end air

Is this bumbling blundering bundle of bone and meat


I light incense and all of you light it too

Then blow out the sweat and nothing that now fills your rooms

And we clean up and get our heads down

Each day with no texts each one of our frowns

Get lesser


And lesser






Until nothing more


Until we forget when I stepped through your doors

When I stepped on your egos and you boosted mine

Those moments shared won’t stand any test of time


And so it is

Like it was before

Filling the empty gaps

With more





For a Moment

I wish I could pause the earth for a moment

Take over from the universe for a moment

Replace gravity, hold you close, like you deserve for a moment


But since I can’t

I wrote this verse

And took a moment.